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Ullanta MusicWorks produces CDs and DVDs that are as beautiful to look at as to listen to or watch. We can provide graphic design services or complete CD production services for single CDs or DVDs, small-run, or large-quantity orders.

Contact Ullanta at production@ullanta.com for more information.

Some examples of our standard and custom CD designs (click on CD or DVD for larger image):

UMW05-R046OD: USC Thornton Opera - Stravinsky's The Rake's Progress
UMW04-RO1: USC Thornton Opera - Handel's Agrippina

UMW03-RI3: USC Thornton Classical Guitar Recital

UMW03-RI6: Nadia Shpachenko: "...in This, as All, prevail"

UMW03-RI2: John Perry Live 2-CD Set

UMW04-RC5: Dennis Thurmond, piano and Kim Young Dong, Eastern percussion and wind (2-Disc Set)

Electroacoustic recital in the USC/Thornton Music Master's Series

UMW03-RC5: Glaze, McInnes, and Fitz-Gerald: Music, Sacred and Profane

Part of the USC/Thornton Music Master's Series

UMW04-01D: Cynthia Munzer: Selected Opera Excerpts (demo compilation)

UMW03-RI1: Limor Toren Conducts

UMW03-CP1D: The Tosheff Duo Live (demo compilation)

UMW01-02: Nadia Shpachenko plays Beethoven

Piano Concerto No. 4 and Sonata Op. 53, "Waldstein"

UMW02-02: The Starlings play Beethoven, Debussy, and Chopin

UMW02-01: Sima Shwartz plays Chopin and Prokofiev

A custom design

One of our standard CD designs

One of our standard DVD designs

One of our standard CD designs