Recording and Audio/Video Production Services

Ullanta Artists

CD Sales


CD Production


Specializing in Live and Studio Classical Recording

  • Accomplished, inspired, and innovative recordists driven to make the most of your performance
    • Years of experience and love of our work allow us to tailor every audio and video setup to best complement your pieces, style, performance space, and instruments.
    • AUDIO: Stereo, Multi-track, and Surround
    • VIDEO: Single or Multi-camera, Jib/Crane camera motion - from unobtrusive live concert setups to complex studio projects, in Standard or High Definition (HDTV)
    • Redundancy and backup at every stage of recording
    • Experience with complex performance constraints and audience safety concerns

  • Artful, Perfectionist Mixing and Editing

  • CD/DVD Mastering and Production
    • Custom graphic design (Examples)
    • Custom DVD menus and special features

  • Archiving Service
    • for quick customized audition/demo discs

  • Web Sales and Representation Services

  • Highest Quality Equipment
    • ProTools DAWs
    • B.L.U.E, AKG, T.H.E,, Oktava, EBM, EV mics - (condensers, dynamics, ribbons)
    • Millennia, Focusite, ART, PreSonus preamps
    • AG-DVX100 (SD) & AG-HVX200 (HD) Video

For pricing and availability, email or call (323) 807-0795