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Ullanta Performance Robotics is a theater troupe in which the actors are autonomous robots.

The troupe presents traditional plays, performance art pieces, and dances; and, for recreation, participates in RoboCup robotic soccer competition.

Ullanta has performed recently in Europe and Japan as well as in the United States.

Contact Ullanta at robots@ullanta.com

  • What is Robotic Theater? A glimpse of the Ullanta philosophy...
  • Performances Programs and photos from past shows, and information on current and developing shows
  • Street Robotics Bringing robots into the "real world" as street performers
  • RoboCup: World Cup Robotic Soccer Our robots are not only entertaining, but true to their Bolivian heritage are ruthless "futbolistas"
  • Robotic Consulting and R&D Services Custom robotic solutions for many research, entertainment, and business needs
  • Ullanta in the News Some pointers and pictures of media coverage of our activities
  • Tech Reports and Publications Useful research and methodologies from Ullanta
  • About Ullanta Information about the people, robots, and name of Ullanta Performance Robotics

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